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Month: December 2016

If You Want to Lose Weight, Stay Away from These Foods



When you are trying to shed off extra pounds, the struggle is real. There are plenty of people who complain about the fact that they cannot seem to manage to lose weight, no matter how much they struggle not to overeat. The bad news is that not all foods are equal and there are some that are more dangerous for your waistline than others. If you really want to lose weight, here is a list of things that you should never eat.



I will start my list with frozen meals, because I think they are the less visible enemy when it comes to losing weight. As you may well know, I am completely dedicated to healthy eating, and I honestly believe that frozen meals that you just have to throw into your microwave and have ready within minutes are your worst enemy. These meals need to be preserved, so they are loaded with sodium and other substances that are not good for you. In case you are wondering what sodium can do to you, when in excess quantities, here is a simple fact: sodium causes major water retention, making you weigh more, despite not eating a lot.

My second advice is to stay away from so called low fat foods from the store. Yes, they do have less fat, but studies show that people tend to eat 30% more of a food that is advertised as being low fat. It is quite clear where this can lead you. The real low fat foods should not be bought from the store, but prepared at home, with fresh ingredients, over which you have complete control. And here is another idea: instead of regular yogurt, go for Greek yogurt in your daily diet. The latter packs fewer calories, less fat, and more protein. I also advise you to get a yogurt maker for your home, so you take the most advantage from a healthy food.

By no means should you load your fridge with carbonated drinks, or any drinks that are sweetened in excess. Whenever you will be thirsty, you will just end up drinking hundreds of calories, without even noticing it. Sparkling water is a much better choice, it has zero calories, and it truly staves off your thirst, not like sweet drinks that only make you want to drink more of the same.

Alcohol is another important enemy of a thin waistline. Having a drink with friends, once or twice a week, is fine, but do not make alcohol part of your daily diet plan. Besides providing you with nothing else but empty calories, alcohol also triggers your appetite and you are more likely to overeat when you are drinking regularly.

I hope this short list will help you get rid of some extra pounds and stay in shape!