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Don’t take probiotics. Eat these foods instead



If you’re not sure what probiotics are; they are helpful bacteria that work to keep our digestive systems happy and functioning properly. I’m sure that you’ve seen ads for special yogurts and medications that promise to keep you regular, prevent bloating and eliminate stomach cramps. What you might not know is that there are also certain foods that can accomplish this naturally, and yes one of these is yogurt. You just don’t have to pay extra for a brand that promises to come with probiotics, they all do.


To help you stay healthy and happy, and this means a digestive system that is functioning optimally here are a few foods that I eat on a regular basis. Just adding some of these foods to your diet will probably mean that you will never have a reason to take a probiotic.

  1. Dark chocolate


This is one of my favorite foods to eat for good digestive health, though it is wise to limit it to one of two small pieces a day. High-quality dark chocolate typically contains up to 4x the probiotics as some dairy products, and there is no denying that it tastes better as well.



  1. Sauerkraut


You either love or hate the taste of sauerkraut, and I happen to like it. This is good news for me since fermented cabbage contains healthy gut bacteria. It is even thought to reduce some allergy symptoms, which is a nice bonus during hay fever season. It is also high in B, A, E and C vitamins which are always good for your overall health.


  1. Pickles


Maybe the probiotics contained in pickles is one of the reasons this tasty treat and relish is often craved by pregnant women. All I know is that I glad that the pickled vegetable is good for my gut. If you are an avid gardener than you are probably already growing cucumbers, this year remember to pickle a few so you can avoid stomach discomfort without having to take synthetic probiotics.


  1. Miso soup


There is obviously a reason Miso soup is a staple in most Japanese diets, and now I know why. This tasty soup made from fermented rye, barley or beans is packed full of healthy bacteria. For most people, all it takes is one or two spoonfuls and soon they digestive system will be back on track. There are also are few other benefits associated with the soup that includes helping to neutralize the effects of carcinogens in your body. If you’re a smoker or work in a factory this alone might be reason enough to enjoy a bowl of Miso soup.

These are only a few of the foods that can keep your digestive system working properly without the use of probiotics. If you have a favorite you’d like to add to this list, please feel free to leave your suggestions in the comment box below.

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