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Living healthy

Hello everyone! I hope you are all well and ready to start reading a blog about healthy eating! Plenty of people today have issues with their weight and that is why it is so important to start eating in a healthier manner. I am one of these people and because I noticed my weight scale running amok, I decided to take measures and get back in shape. This blog is about my struggles with extra pounds and how I am managing the situation.


4I know that starting to eat healthier is not exactly easy. Before I decided to start this blog, I tried a few ways of losing weight that all ended more or less in disaster. What I knew, from the first moment, was that I don’t like to be overweight and I was not going to give up. So, after a few fad diets which promised me to lose weight overnight, I realized that what I needed to do was to change my lifestyle. Now, I am constantly losing weight and I feel great, and I believe that there are many other people who would like to find out how to lose weight the healthy way.


First things first, I noticed that the best thing I could do was to operate small changes. I mean, this is why all those fad diets didn’t work, in the first place. I was trying to do something drastic, and, just like a piece of elastic, my weight was getting back, and sometimes even with a vengeance. Reading various advice and talking to my doctor helped me decide that if I was going to do something that really mattered for my weight that was going to be taking small steps that truly worked.


5Slowly, but surely, I managed to identify the main culprits in my diet that made me maintain my weight, without allowing me to shed off those annoying extra pounds. I did not eliminate them completely from my diet, but I reduced them and that is a victory in itself. Not many people can give up on what they love best and I know that I am not one of these fortunate or determined few. But I can make changes and that is what I am doing right now.


I am also learning how to cook at home and how to cook healthy food. It is quite an important difference from the convenient prepackaged foods that you can grab from the store, toss in the microwave and then eat. These foods are poison for people who are overweight; I know that it may sound like an exaggeration, but the truth is that I realized quickly that if I was to continue to live like that, my weight was only going to go up and never down, with all the nasty consequences associated with extra pounds.


I hope I already convinced you to start reading my blog! I will share all my progress with you, as well as all the healthy recipes I will cook to turn my life and my diet around.