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Natural Tips to Keep Your Nails and Hair Looking Shiny and Healthy



Our hair and our nails are a sign of beauty and health, and, if properly cared for, they can improve our appearance tremendously. However, the idea is not to go for the latest expensive treatments that are on the market, but to find what natural remedies can work for our hair and nails, so they can look shiny and healthy. I will share with you a few tips that really work for me, and I hope will do wonders for you, too.


Hair and nails grow constantly, which means that they are continuously fed from the inside. Even if you are not pleased with how your hair and nails look today, you can start right away and you will be extremely pleased with the result. The first thing I want to tell you about is what foods are the most beneficial for your hair and nails. There are certain vitamins and minerals that you can get from your diet in order to achieve a healthy look that will shine with happiness. In this category, I include bananas, which are a great source of something called biotin that prevents hair loss and also help your nails being less brittle. For extra shine, get more fish in your diet; the omega 3 fatty acids in fish are responsible for your health on the inside, and shiny hair and nails on the outside. Protein is another nutrient that should not be amiss from your diet, as it is part of the building blocks for both hair and nails. Eat eggs and lean meat, as great sources of protein, and don’t forget about whole grains.

There are also natural treatments that you can make at home for your hair and nails. One great ally you will find in your kitchen is olive oil. Soaking your nails in olive oil every day will offer a pleasant shine and your nails will be stronger. The same thing is valid for your hair that can be treated with natural oils, in order to enhance its shine. It is a known thing that hair that is smooth and shiny tends to break less, so brushing it will not cause you to lose hair.

Don’t forget about protecting your hair and nails, by exposing them less to water. Protect your hair in chlorinated water pools by wearing a cap, and use gloves when you are washing the dishes. This may seem like little, but the truth is that water can strip away the natural oils existing on your hair and nails. Also, trimming your nails regularly and cutting your hair once every two or three months, helps with keeping overall health and natural shininess.



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