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Why Calorie Restriction Doesn’t Work and Why You Should Focus on Eating Healthy Carbs Instead of Small Portions of Unhealthy Food


I have heard plenty of things about calorie restricting diets to know that they are never working. You may count calories all you want; if you do not focus on getting healthy foods in your diet that are well balanced, you may just end up making yourself sick, or in a loop of gaining and losing weight repeatedly that never amounts to nothing.

You need all kinds of nutrients in your diet in order to lose weight in a healthy manner. What happens with people who embark on calorie restrictive diets is that they end up eating high carb foods, while eliminating fat and protein. But that is never a good approach. A lot of carbs in your diet will only cause your body to produce insulin, which in turn, makes the cells in your body more resistant to it; the result will be that your body will be forced to produce more insulin, which is responsible for cell aging, diabetes and obesity. Instead on insisting on counting your calories, replace some of these high carb foods with sources of protein and yes, even fat. Only this way, you can ensure a good balance inside your body, and you will not suffer from yo-yo effects and other health problems associated with eating too many carbs.

I want to offer you an alternative, since giving up on carbs altogether is not a solution, either. What I highly recommend since it is something I have already tried with outstanding results is to focus on eating healthy carbs. Here is what I usually include in my daily diet as good sources of healthy carbs, for keeping slim and even losing weight.

The first healthy carb source I want to tell you about is the well known, much loved banana. This fruit is an awesome source of vitamin B6 and plenty of minerals, as well as fiber. They will help you feel full, and they will provide your body with healthy nutrients, so you can enjoy a balanced diet. Next on my list are whole grains that are perfectly capable of supplying your body with enough energy, but without the downsides of overly processed grains that do not retain the same benefits. Never eat white bread, if possible, and use whole grain pasta in your recipe. You will feel energetic, you will never go hungry, and you will do a lot of good to your health. Find some sources of fiber that also contain carbs, as these are great sources of energy, without loading you with too much of the latter. Peas and beans are the most recommended for a healthy diet

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