About Us

Our Mission at LightFull Foods is to empower people to lead healthy, balanced lives

  • By offering delicious, satiating, convenient foods, and
  • By supporting them in finding the perfect balance between personal time, family, work and community.

We at LightFull Foods are passionate about not just delicious healthy food, but also work and life balance. We hold meetings on the trails of Mt. Tam. We do yoga in our office. We even have a resident, 4-legged BEO (Breaktime Enforcement Officer) on staff.

About LightFull Foods, Inc.

In the wake of the growing worldwide obesity epidemic, LightFull Foods is the first company to develop products based on The Science of Satiety™.  Satiety (pronounced Sa-TIE-eh-TEE) is a dietitian-recommended strategy for eating foods that create a sensation of fullness.  The company strives to help people lead healthy, balanced lives by creating delicious, satisfying, all-natural nutritious snacks that fit into people’s on-the-go lifestyle.  The pioneering thinking that fueled the launch of the LightFull Satiety Smoothie™, an all-natural, 90-calorie snack that is packed with five grams of fiber and five grams of protein, is also evident in the company’s holistic approach to work and community.  Through grassroots, cause-marketing initiatives, LightFull supports local community-based organizations that empower adolescent girls to become leaders and promote women’s health.

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LightFull Satiety Smoothies pack a nutritional  punch!

Each 8.25 oz LightFull Satiety Smoothie is an excellent source of fiber and calcium, is low glycemic and gluten free.

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