LightFull Ladies–Amanda Freeman and Lisa Blau

Amanda Freeman and Lisa Blau photoMeet the dynamic duo of LightFull Ladies, Amanda Freeman and Lisa Blau, cofounders of  Their vision for is to have a go-to-source for all things healthy and well-thy. Considering how busy these entrepreneurs are, we were impressed and amazed by how they make time to contribute to their community.

Q. While your work is currently focused on, can you tell us more about your community involvement outside of work?

LISA: I am on the board of the non-profit Girls Inc. of New York City.  The goal is getting as many of our girls as possible to graduate high school and continue on the college.  We recently had our “college shower” where we honor the girls graduating and present them with some of the necessities needed for college.  This year HP donated laptops and it was incredible to see the excitement on their faces!  I’m also on the board of The Women’s Campaign Forum which helps to engage women in the political process by bringing them into the fundraising process.  The goal is to get more women elected to office at the local, state and federal level.

AMANDA:  I am on the young leadership board of the Lynn Cohen Foundation for Ovarian Cancer Research, which was founded by a dear college friend in honor of her mother who died from this awful disease.  I also lost a loved one to suicide and recently did a 20-mile walk in his honor.  Lastly, I am very involved with Duke University, where I graduated from – I’m on the board of a center there and am a chairperson for our reunion committee.

Q. With all the activities you juggle, what are your secrets for keeping your energy up and staying positive?

LISA: It’s pretty simple:  sleep, eating well and exercise.  I’m always in a better mood on the days when I’ve gotten at least 7 hours of sleep and had a ½ hour to work out before heading into the office.  Eating well and staying hydrated to avoid headaches always helps.  When stress levels rise at work, I try to step away from my computer or take a few minutes to distract myself by reading a non-work related website that I enjoy or emailing with a friend.  I find that little respites re-start my creative juices and help me think more clearly.

AMANDA:  If I start my day with some form of exercise I tend to have more energy and a more positive outlook.  It’s the combination of the exercise and having time to myself.  Also, having perspective on day-to-day ups and downs (most aren’t that bad) is imperative to staying in balance and positive.

Q. What do you do when you want to reward yourself?

LISA:  I get a massage!  It feels indulgent, but the best part about it is that it’s also good for me and gets me ready to take on the next reward-worthy week.

AMANDA:  I might buy an accessory that is out of my normal price range or eat something having to do with chocolate (cookies are my fave).  Or I may pamper myself with a more elaborate version of a spa treatment.

Q. What are your goals for the future?

LISA:   To build a successful business and have a happy, healthy family.  Later in life I would like to devote myself to non-profit or public service work.

AMANDA:  Similar to Lisa, I hope to have a successful, fulfilling career that includes making Vital Juice Daily a huge success, having and happy and healthy family, and leaving a positive mark on people’s lives around me.