1. What is “satiety?”

Satiety (rhymes with “society”), is the state of feeling of full and gratified to the point of satisfaction. Research has shown that foods high in fiber and protein keep you feeling fuller longer, with fewer calories. Learn more about the Science of Satiety™.

2. Where can I buy LightFull?

Click here or on the menu bar above that says “Buy” to purchase online or check the store finder to find a LightFull retailer near you.

3. Is LightFull a meal replacement?

No, LightFull is a healthy snack, not a meal replacement. Grab a LightFull when you need something healthy to tide yourself over between meals, or to satisfy your sweet tooth for only 90 calories.

4. What makes LightFull so filling?

LightFull contains 5 grams of fiber and 5 grams of protein in each 8.25oz serving. Research has shown that the combination of fiber with a little bit of protein helps to keep you feeling full with fewer calories, by slowing down your digestion. Most people report feel full for up to 2 - 3 hrs from just one LightFull!

5. What are the benefits of fiber?

Fiber is an important part of a healthy diet, but most Americans don’t get enough. Fiber helps aid digestive health, lowers cholesterol and the risk of heart disease, helps eliminate toxins from the body, and helps control weight because it keeps you feeling fuller longer.

6. LightFull is low calorie and all natural. What is it sweetened with?

LightFull is sweetened with real fruit puree (for the fruit flavors), a tiny amount of evaporated cane juice, and erythritol (ir-rith-ri-tol), an all-natural, no-calorie sweetener that occurs naturally in pears, grapes and melons.

7. Does LightFull contain any artificial sweeteners like Splenda® or Equal®?

No, LightFull doesn’t contain anything artificial. Splenda® (sucralose) and Equal® (aspartame) are not naturally occurring in any plants or fruits. They are artificially produced using a chemical process. And, they are hundreds of times sweeter than sugar so they are blended with dextrose or maltodextrin to reduce the sweetness closer to an equal weight of sugar. Erythritol occurs naturally and is produced naturally, and is used in its pure form.

8. Does LightFull need to be refrigerated?

LightFull is packaged in a special shelf-stable container that keeps it fresh for up 9 months without the use of preservatives or refrigeration. LightFull does not need to be stored refrigerated, but should be refrigerated prior to consuming (because LightFulll tastes best ice cold!), and after it is opened.

9. What other nutritional benefits does LightFull offer?

In addition to having more fiber than a bowl of oatmeal, 5 grams of protein, LightFull is also an excellent source of calcium. Amounts vary by flavor, but each contains at least 200mg of calcium.

10. Is LightFull gluten-free?

Yes, LightFull is gluten-free.

11. Is LightFull vegetarian?

Yes, LightFull is vegetarian. 

12. Does LightFull contain soy?

LightFull is a dairy and yogurt based smoothie.  However, our whey protein isolate and cream powder both contain a trace amount of soy.
LightFull Café Latte also contains less than 2 % of soy lecithin. All of our flavors are produced in a facility that processes soy.

13. How many Weight Watchers Points is an entire LightFull Smoothie? 

Weight Watchers does not allow non-Weight Watchers products to say how many points each product is; however, you can easily calculate this yourself by visiting an online point calculator. LightFull has 90 calories, 0-1g of fat and 5-6g of fiber.

14. What is a net carb and how many does LightFull contain?

A net carb is the amount of carbohydrates that are digested by the body. The remaining carbs either do not impact insulin levels in the blood (like erythritol), or that take a long time to digest and give sustained energy (like fiber). LightFull has 14 net carbs.

17. Is LightFull made with rGBH-free or organic dairy?

All flavors of LF are rBST-free except Latte b/c it contains a “cream powder” as part of the flavoring, and we have not been able to secure a cream powder that is rBST-free yet.

18. Is LightFull kosher certified?

Most LightFull Smoothies made from November 2007 on are OU Kosher certified. To double check to make sure your smoothies are certified Kosher, look for the OU Kosher symbol on the bottom front of the smoothie, where the net weight is listed.

19. Where does the fiber in LightFull come from?

The fruit flavors contain fruit fiber and the chocolate contains fiber from cocoa. In addition, all flavors contain inulin (an insoluble fiber made from chicory root) and Dextrin (a soluble fiber, made from non-GMO corn; not to be confused w/ maltodextrin). Both forms of fiber are known as prebiotics, which means that they help to promote intestinal health by feeding the good bacteria present in the digestive tract.

20. How much caffeine is there in LightFull?

On average, a cup of coffee has about 75mg of caffeine. Our flavors have the following amounts:
Peachy Cream has 2.79mg, or essentially no caffeine.
Strawberry Bliss has 2.79mg, or essentially no caffeine.
Mango Oasis has 2.79mg. or essentially no caffeine.
Chocolate Satisfaction has about 11mg, about the same caffeine as a cup of tea.
Café Latte has about 75mg, about the same as a cup of coffee.

21. Is LightFull low glycemic?

LightFull had a 3rd party estimate the glycemic load of our smoothies based on the glycemic indices of each of the ingredients, and all of LightFull’s flavors were estimated to have a glycemic load of 10 or less. While the FDA does not regulate the terms “low glycemic”, based on the research and reading we have done, there is a general consensus that foods with a glycemic load of 10 or less are considered to be low glycemic: see: http://www.nutritiondata.com/topics/glycemic-index