Science of Satiety

What is “Satiety?”

Satiety (Sa-TI-eh-TEE) is the state of feeling full and gratified to the point of satisfaction – a feeling hard to come by if you are trying to eat right and don’t have a lot of time.

Satiety - essential for your health

The American Dietetic Association recommends the average woman eat 1800 calories each day – not easy when a Starbucks Frappuccino is over 700 calories! Understanding satiety will help you choose foods that keep you healthy without depriving yourself.

Choosing high satiety foods

For decades, dietitians have investigated the science behind how to feel full with fewer calories. Foods high in fiber and protein slow digestion, and prolong the release of CCK, the hormone that triggers the “I’m full” feeling in your brain.

Fullness Index Calculator


One way to estimate satiety is to add the grams of protein and fiber together, multiply by 100, and divide by the number of calories. We call this the Fullness Index. The larger the number, the more fullness you get from each calorie.

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The Fullness Factor

–from the Berkeley Wellness Newsletter

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