Customer Feedback

Lightfull Foods is a new local, women-owned company. We thank you for taking the time to tell us your thoughts about the Lightfull Satiety Smoothie. We will donate $1 for the first 1000 forms to Girl Ventures, a local charity committed to empowering adolescent girls through outdoor activities. This survey takes less than 5 minutes.

1. Which flavor of Lightfull have you tried? (please fill out the form separately for each flavor)

2. What is your overall opinion of this product?

3. How likely would you be to buy this product again? Would you say you:

4. Please explain your answer to the previous question.

5. Lightfull is a satiety smoothie. “Satiety” is the state of feeling full and satisfied to the point of gratification. Now that you have tried Lightfull, how long would you say it keeps you full (assuming you drink it for a snack). Times below are in 15 minute increments, starting at 0:00 hours (zero minutes) and ending at 3:00 (three hours).

6. Lightfull is an 11 oz snack smoothie. This is:

7. How did you feel the rest of the day after you drank Lightfull?

8. Please tell us your gender:

9. Please tell us your age group:

10. Please tell us if you have children living at home:

11. Please tell us how you first discovered LightFull.

12. Are you a member of Weight Watchers?

13. We at Lightfull foods are committed to empowering people to “juggle without struggle” - to help them achieve their own perfect work life balance. If you would like to be kept abreast of news and information about work life balance, satiety, etc. please enter your email address. We promise not to give your email to anyone without your permission, and to email you responsibly.

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